Routine Maintenance is an Absolute Must

Keeping hvac services in NYC on speed dial is a must in this town. The Big Apple is a dirty town and it’s not surprising that all that dirt ends up inside of your home or business. It seems like we’re always cleaning our carpets and windows because of the dust and dirt in this town. Recently we discovered all of that crud also accrues to our air conditioner in ways that make it very difficult to keep the unit running effectively. We needed someone to come out and find out why our air conditioner wasn’t working correctly.

I thought the unit was probably just old and needed replacing, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Continue reading

Causes damage to AC

Air Conditioning or often called AC is an electronic device that can provide a comfortable atmosphere in the room (air-conditioning). In addition to the office now flies from many who use the facility. Just to set the desired temperature we will get the atmosphere highland. Based on field issues in addition to the convenience of using air conditioning are also many who are having problems with AC Many things that cause damage to your air conditioner or air conditioner did not last long / not durable. Often we find events of the AC home / room of our air conditioner was not cold or the surrounding area AC AC flood of water disposal etc. which would interfere with our comfort at work or at rest at home.

As for example air conditioning repair Phoenix AZ damage that causes the convenience disrupted as follows:

– AC Not Cold

AC is not cold is usually caused by lack of freon as a result of leakage from the pipeline installation of air conditioning this was due to an error during installation / installation of air conditioning or lack of care of your air conditioner to get to the bottom of freon leak need to be sought and be carefully analyzed the causes of the freon leak.

-Leakage Sewer / Drainage

Often we are made uncomfortable by the conditions around us because the air conditioning is always flooded with water discharge AC this is due to an error during the installation of air conditioning drains or due blockage sewers for their Moss/ Dirt. Blockage AC line due to lack of maintenance of your air conditioner

-Outdoor Unit (compressor) Off Outdoor

Unit / Compressor is the main engine components AC because AC in the room from where you can get cold. The demise / malfunction Outdoor Unit / Compressor is caused due to an error during installation Outdoor unit does not usually correspond to installation techniques Or because Burden Machine Outdoor Unit / Compressor too hard caused a lot of dirt, dust, and rust attached to the machine Outdoor Unit / compressor due to lack of regular maintenance on your air conditioner.

In addition to the above problems are also common the fact that the air conditioning field that we use often die and live alone. It is of course also interfere with the activities we do. Such problems are usually caused by:

– Thermise Automatic air conditioning was not functioning

From my experience, automatic thermise damage is common in ac ac unit panasonic and samsung brands, but can also be found on other brands. This damage occurs because the mass of the automatic thermise been exhausted. Usually this damage can cause the air conditioner is not in the remote, AC dead live alone. For how to outsmart or deal try to keep thermise or often called cat’s eyes thermise from the indoor evaporator. Or may be directly replaced with new ones and your air conditioner will return to normal.

-Switch Or button On Off Indoor Not Normal

Damage ac ac This usually occurs in old brands can be said ac or old age. Switch on off abnormal can also cause death ac own life. To deal with it hold off switch on the manner in solder, and to turn on and turn it off can use the remote. But ac can not be turned on or off using a switch or button on off.

-Error On Module

For damage that can be caused due to exposed high voltage ac mains voltage or low / normal that lane on the on off button module with surge. To fix this you should check that the ac module using a tester. And if it is not normal ac modules immediately repair the short circuit path. But the damage is rare, and to prevent it try to use the stabilizer on the ac electrical current that goes into ac remain setabil of 220 Volt.

-Timer On Indoor On or Off

This damage is very common, usually ac users start the timer, but forgot to turn it off, and think that the ac was not normal. For how to solve it simply turn off the timer via remote control ac.