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Tips for Transforming your Staircase Remodeling homes is becoming very popular, but one of the most overlooked aspects of your home is the staircase, most people will overlook this feature and move to the living room, kitchen or bedrooms. Most of the time people view them as a functional object and not the beautiful feature that they could be. They are more than just a passage to another level of the home they can be a focal point. Some people just cannot see their stairs in a stylish way, if this is you , then hopefully this article will help you out. With a couple tools and some parts you can turn your boring stairway into a focal point in your home. To make your staircase visually appealing you will need to know some insider tips and secrets, and that is what we will give you in this article. Shopping for new spindles is our first tip, there are a lot of options and you should look for something that will make an impression on your guests. You can think outside the box and come up with something that you have never seen before. Play with the color of your spindles and your banister, you can also select to go with a glass or metal spindle, the latter will give your home a contemporary look and feel.
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Our second tip is to add some glass to your staircase, glass balustrades are great giving an open feel. This is very attractive, and glass can create a sense of weightlessness in your home. If you are looking for something besides your typical spindles then you can elect for glass balustrades. If you are looking for a modern option, then you can combine the glass with an aluminum banister. You could also use a wood banister to give make a statement with old meets new.
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A cheaper way to transform your staircase is to paint your stairs. Painting your stairs can create a focal point in your home and if you have bare floorboards this can be an easy process. If you like natural or maybe a nautical feel then you can choose to use some grey and blues, if you are more interested in exotic colors then you can opt for vibrant terracotta or reds. A stair runner is a great option for people that cannot add paint to their stairs. A stair runner can be just as effective as paint, and can add the color you desire. A couple ways you could take this design are with bold strips of blocks, either way you could incorporate any color you desire and when the runner is laid over nicely polished stairs the outcome is great.