Routine Maintenance is an Absolute Must

Keeping hvac services in NYC on speed dial is a must in this town. The Big Apple is a dirty town and it’s not surprising that all that dirt ends up inside of your home or business. It seems like we’re always cleaning our carpets and windows because of the dust and dirt in this town. Recently we discovered all of that crud also accrues to our air conditioner in ways that make it very difficult to keep the unit running effectively. We needed someone to come out and find out why our air conditioner wasn’t working correctly.

I thought the unit was probably just old and needed replacing, but apparently that wasn’t the case. The guy who stopped by to inspect the unit claimed that the coils were about as dirty as he’d ever seen. He asked us when the last time we had them cleaned was and neither my wife nor me could remember. It obviously hadn’t been done since we lived here and that has been close to ten years now. They guy had to go out to his truck and bring in an air compressor to blow all the dirt and crud out of the coils.

It’s amazing how well it worked! The air coming out of the vents was colder than we were used to and we’re likely going to save a lot of money because we don’t have to set the thermostat as low to get the same amount of cold air. We also set up a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule with the company so that this doesn’t happen again. In retrospect I am pretty surprised that the unit didn’t outright fail due to the accretion of so much dirt. Get your air conditioners cleaned, people! It will save you so much money you won’t believe it!